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How Does Your Company Stack Up Against Other B Corporations

As the chart above indicates, a Certified B Corp goes a bit beyond a regular Benefit Corporation.

How to Become a Certified B Corp

Interested business leaders can sign up to take the B Impact Assessment to see how their companies stack up. There is also a Quick Impact Assessment here. 

Below is a list of areas covered by the B Impact Assessment. More details can be found in The B Corp Handbook.

  1. Good for Workers:
    • Compensation and Benefits:
      • Same benefits for employees and management
      • Professional development subsidies for employees
      • Wage ratios among different management levels and relative to industry standards
    • Worker Ownership: Stock Options and Equivalents
    • Work Environment:
  2. Good for the Community:
  3. Good for the Environment
  4. Good for the Long Term
    • Degree of Engagement with Environmental and Social Objectives Reflected In:
      • Mission statement
      • Employee incentives
      • Feedback from external stakeholders, board of directors, and executives
    • Transparency
    • Corporate Structure
  5. Good to the Core
    • Community Support (Arts, Education, Health Care, etc.)
    • At Least 40% Worker Ownership
    • Poverty Alleviation through Supply Sourcing
    • Microfranchising or Microdistribution model

To find out more about how Three Corners Capital supports B Corporations, contact us to learn more.