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Asset-Based Giving

According to the GivingUSA 2014 Report, total charitable giving in the United States was $335.17 billion in 2013. The infographic below gives more details about charitable giving in 2013. (Click on the image itself to see an enlarged version of the infographic.)

The majority of giving in the United States does not come from corporations.

The GivingUSA 2014 Report shows:

  • Corporate giving dropped in 2013 and only accounts for over 5% of overall giving.
  • Individual giving accounts for 72% of giving. (This percentage is even higher when you include foundations and bequests.)

Interestingly, individual giving comprises the largest percentage of charitable gifts. (It is important to note that charitable gifts come from cash.  However, the average person’s wealth is largely comprised of “assets” like a home, business, insurance policy, etc.)

The goal of asset-based giving is to effectively use assets for the financial benefit of a client as well as helping meet their charitable intent.

To find out how Three Corners Capital can help you more with your personal and professional charitable giving goals, contact us to learn more.