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Three Corners Capital specializes in incorporating financial planning and investment advisory services with environmental, social, governance, and other values driven criteria into each unique client engagement. In doing so, we believe individuals and institutions can achieve a triple bottom line – an impact on people, the planet, and profit.

Topics of Interest

The history of using values to determine business practices/investments dates back many centuries and is rooted in religious attitudes that were against slavery and more specifically, for basic human rights. The first investment option for the general public which integrated values was established in the early 1970s.

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Shareholder Advocacy is how investors engage companies in change through dialogue regarding environmental, human rights and governance performance.

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A donor advised fund is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a public charity on behalf of the individuals who participate.

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Employers offer retirement plans from 401(k)s to SIMPLE IRAs in order to attract and retain top talent. These programs allow participants to contribute pre-tax dollars that have tax-deferred growth potential for retirement.

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